Applewood Consulting


Need specialized training to provide your employees with the additional skills required to take upon additional endeavors? Applewood’s consultants offer specialized technical skill building courses ranging from after-sales product operations to broader IT and marketing oriented topics.

Providing your employees with the necessary skills improves not only efficiency and effectiveness within the business, but ultimately works to increase your bottom line. Furthermore, empowering your workforce translates into boosting worker morale, demonstrates appreciation and increases flexibility amongst staff.

Applewood’s trained specialists can tailor-fit lessons to your business needs. Moreover, by combining an understanding of your market with that of your internal process creates for an invaluable opportunity to provide the necessary skills to surpass to one-up your competitors. In other words, we solidify your team’s strength to be ready to exceed in any future endeavors.

Choose between in-house training or have our consultants come directly to you when receiving a range of specialized courses.

  • Programming
  • Market Analysis
  • Keyword and Ad-words campaign
  • Search engine optimization