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Gone are the days a one-way communication stream on a website is good enough, in this new always-connected era, interaction is essential. Webpages are now composed of user-friendly multi-layered web applications that can process requests from those behind the mouse. In order to achieve this level of hyper-customization, multiple programming languages need to be utilized, thus increasing the level of complexity to achieve what is considered by most to be a benchmark. Moreover, each page needs a robust framework capable of withstanding and processing multiple requests simultaneously as a broken site is now deemed unacceptable by the industry.

Having a reliable and tailor-fitted back end to your business is key to gaining efficiency. At Applewood, we bring bridge the gap between your internal and external technological needs. Our focus remains on lean, easy-to-use, customized applications designed and implemented in-house by our professional software developers.

Our Services


A wide range of skills is required in the construction of a website. More importantly, as clients will be judging on this initial point of contact, functionality and visuals must be impeccable. Our team handles everything from the conversion of your design to the launch of a fully functional site. Moreover, we deliver projects in easily adaptable formats, giving you full control to update your website at anytime with no technological background.

  • PSD slicing and cutting
  • HTML coding
  • Integration of web applications
  • Server storage


Launching an online store allows put you in contact with the global market. Making sure you cater correctly to this new influx of clients is our expertise. Our e-commerce platform has been fully designed in-house, thus allowing for complete customization to assure you open your doors to your precise liking. Applewood specialists are able to offer this option and an unprecedented after-sales support. Moreover, no need to look through a manual to learn how to operate it, our system has been built in a way virtually anyone can operate it.

  • Shopping cart
  • Unlimited categories
  • Social media integration
  • Report generation
  • Newsletter integration
  • Secure and Comprehensive checkout

Software design

Having the right tools to run your business is just as important as the product or service you offer. By streamlining your process with our software, you trade time, effort, paperwork and energy for efficiency and effectiveness. Our team of software developers can create applications for both on and offline usage to automate practically any business process.

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