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In today’s fast pace environment, we are constantly bombarded with images fighting for our attention. It’s not longer enough to “Stand out” from the crowd. One must create a long lasting impression. In other words, be memorable. Think about some of the biggest brands today, at the very sight of their logos, you instantly connect with them.

At Applewood, our team works in close collaboration to create a strong brand identity for your business. We focus on effective, clear and to-the-point graphic design that communicates your message and create a memorable experience for your clients.

Our Services

Web design

First impressions are everything. When entering a page, it takes 5 seconds for one to make judgment. An effective website starts with clear graphic design & a strong message. Be sure to impress your clients at very first sight.


Having a great visual identity is a must, but having a strong brand identity is what will carry your business’ in the long run. By integrating your brand into every communication medium is essential. Applewood consultants will create every aspect of your brand.

  • Logo
  • Advertisements
  • Banners

Promotional Materials

Whatever the occasion, your message must be clearly communicated. Whether it be generating new leads at a trade show or handing out coupons, Applewood can take care of all your marketing material needs.

  • Flyers
  • Tradeshow materials
  • Brochures
  • Coupons

Business essentials

Just as important as your website are the documents you leave with your clients. Make sure to equip your sales representatives with the stationary that reinforces your brand’s message.

  • Folders
  • Notepads
  • Brochures
  • Business cards


Make sure your brand is clearly communicated every step of the way, even after your generated your sales. Having an outstanding package is an integral part of every business’ plan to deliver outstanding aftersales client experience.

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