Applewood Consulting

About Us

For over a decade, Applewood Consulting has been providing SME’s with effective tools and strategies to expand their business online. By developing software to implement the suggested strategies, we tailor-fit technical expertise with business coaching to your commerce.

An online business present a very different set of challenges then it’s bricks-and-mortar counterparts. Competition is not geographically delimited, search engines are the new billboards and word-of-mouth takes a whole new meaning. Moreover, a consumer’s behavior is dramatically altered when dealing with this new media. Turning to a team of experts before launch is putting every tool behind you to assure long-term success. At Applewood, our team of consultants stem from a variety of highly specialized backgrounds, thus enabling us to provide you with the best strategies to surpass your goals.

Our approach: Understanding your market realities, setting ambitious and achievable goals, providing expert strategies and enabling your workforce are all ways Applewood acts an extension to your business.